I’d like to be a good writer. No, not a good writer. A great writer. A world-class writer. Someone who writes things that are read and discussed for years and decades to come. Someone who writes things that other writers write about.

But I just can’t sit down and write…

I have a love-hate relationship with the news.

On one hand, I detest the sensational nature of the modern media industry. “BLOOD BATH IN THE MARKETS” cried one prominent online news outlet, in all-caps-size-48-font. Death. Doom. Destruction. All the worst things you can imagine, captured on one screen. …

Do I really need to get dressed?

When I landed a work-from-home job with unlimited vacation, I was exhilarated. After two years of struggling to make it as an entrepreneur, I had secured a steady paycheck that would allow me to work from home.

It’s something many people dream of. Spending each day in the comfort of…

What do you do?


What do you do

When fighting a faceless enemy

A ruthless invader

That destroys



What do you do

When you can’t see

That which threatens

Your very existence


What do you do

When your life comes

To a grinding halt

When the…

Photo by Annie Spratt

Why do guys spit? No, seriously, why do they?

My friend Amanda posed this questions a few weeks ago and it aroused a good deal of curiosity in me.

Now, I must tell you: I’ve always been one of those people who goes about their daily life doing normal adult…

We all know that our computer has an operating system (OS). But does your brain have one, too?

You computer’s OS is what determines the rules of what’s possible and what isn’t. You can click one icon and open a program, but maybe you can’t close all open programs with…

Joseph Rea

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